Sustainability Framework:
In Touch Technology

We set our priorities in line with our ‘In Touch Technology’ strategy that shows our ambition to create smart technologies to fulfill the needs of the planet and society.

Our sustainable business model is based on three strategic pillars:

  • In Touch With Our Planet: Shrinking Our Footprint to Preserve Vital Resources

  • In Touch With Human Needs: Improving the Lives of People

  • In Touch With Business: Being A Progressive Global Citizen

We embed sustainability at the core of our business strategy in the scope of our vision, Respecting the World, Respected Worldwide, which enables us to create value for all our stakeholders. Beko is committed to identifying, prioritizing, and reporting on issues that have the most significant impact on its stakeholders and relevance to its business. We conduct a materiality analysis every two years to stay up to date with the global sustainability agenda. In doing so, we not only publicly disclose material issues to all stakeholders, but also aim to internalize every assessment, establish KPIs and track performance on each issue regardless of its degree of impact, and reanimate our sustainability approach to ensure that we keep a broad understanding.

For more detailed information on our materiality issues, please refer to Beko 2022 Materiality Report.