Garage Innovation Hub’s motto: Fast and Early Failure Leads to Success!

At Garage Innovation Hub, we use high levels of digitalisation, advanced prototyping, and multi-layered production processes to reduce the time between idea and test production to mere days, greatly expediting the go-to-market process. Our collaborative work space brings stakeholders, universities and non-governmental organizations together to create a marketplace where knowledge is multiplied and creativity is encouraged.

Garage is an initiative by Beko to keep up to speed with the latest technologies and support start-ups with both prototyping facilities and knowhow. It is the largest and most competent hardware acceleration centre in Türkiye.

Garage offers entrepreneurs 1800 square meters of space equipped with high-technology advanced production techniques, Türkiye's most capable and extensive 3D printing abilities, high-speed CNC lathes, and sheet metal moulding, welding, painting and coating facilities.

Start-ups and Garage

At Garage Innovation Hub, we provide the means to make prototype products with no investment overhead thanks to our digitally advanced production facilities. We offer start-ups our experience in hardware development and production.

We keep in touch with applicants, periodically assessing their progress. We expect our applicants to have sufficient competence in developing their own technologies, to show their working prototypes, and to offer solutions in the thematic areas that we have determined, and we include select candidates in our acceleration program.

Start-ups that join our acceleration program are backed with the largest R&D capability in Türkiye, and mentorship from our experts. Start-ups which prove their worth can have their products sold at Arçelik dealers, and expand to the global market through a company that sells products and services in over 57 countries.

In-House Entrepreneurship Program

The in-house entrepreneurship program at Garage Innovation Hub offers incubation support to our employees who wish to pursue their own ideas.

We collect ideas centred around certain themes, and refer ideas that meet our criteria to the Beko in-house angel investor jury. Entrepreneurs receive mentorship from our experts until their appearance before the jury. In order to encourage in-house entrepreneurs and help them find time for their ideas amidst their workload, we hold monthly camps with a dedicated budget and team. 

Entrepreneurs chosen by the jury make investor presentations to the President and Vice Presidents of Arçelik A.Ş. The in-house entrepreneurship program offers additional side benefits from cash prizes to semiproduct manufacturing.

Türkiye's largest makerspace infrastructure

Garage Innovation Hub boasts the framework for the largest makerspace in Türkiye. It includes desktop 3D printers, desktop laser cutting, CNC, arduino and rasperry Pi capabilities, and a 45-square meter home simulation. This allows makers to test their prototypes quickly and collect early customer feedback.

We bring together faculty members from the leading universities of Türkiye, students, components industry representatives, consumers, and employees of Arçelik dealers or service centres. These workshops allow collective brainstorming on new products and features that will add value to the lives of our consumers. We also hold monthly training events at Makerspace, which are open to everyone.

With its advanced production technologies, Garage Innovation Hub is one of the largest rapid prototyping centres in Türkiye and the world. The facility aims to enable the production of prototypes that are equivalent to real products in terms of quality with far less investment and lead time compared to mass manufacturing. It can make 50 to 100 products so that the owners of the ideas can collect early customer feedback.

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