Telve Pro®: The Professional Turkish Coffee Maker

Arçelik was the first to develop Türkiye's first Turkish coffee maker, and now introduces Telve Pro®, a coffee maker designed for professional use that can make 9 cups of coffee in three different taste settings at the same time.

Telve Pro® Features

Telve Pro® Professional Turkish Coffee Maker uses induction technology for three-dimensional brewing that achieves the taste of coffee brewed slowly on charcoal. The technology also allows for ease of cleaning. The product can make 9 cups of coffee at once in three different taste settings: unsweetened, medium sweet, and sweet. The CooksensePro® technology ensures that foam quality and taste remain consistent in all cups. The industrial-grade machine is designed for prolonged and extensive use, and features a heating plate on top to dry or preheat demitasse cups. Telve Pro® is also equipped to draw water automatically from the mains or a jug. Arçelik Telve Pro® has an inox body for an attractive presence on the counter.

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