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In line with our respect for human rights approach, all employees within Beko are recognized as equals regardless of ethnic origin, race, language, religion, age, gender, nationality, disability or cultural difference.

Based on this approach, all human resources processes are carried out according to the principles of right person for the right job, equal pay for equal work, success based merit and equal opportunities for all. Principles of respect in the human rights and employee rights are at the core of all our human resources processes. In this direction, we provide non-discriminatory and fair work environment, practices based on merit are conducted regarding compensation, fringe benefits and promotion, look out for unionization and collective agreement rights of our employees.

We commit to comply with all the laws and regulations regarding equal rights and prevention of discrimination in all the value chain, ensure that the working environment is devoid of discrimination and prevents child and forced labour in line with labour legislation and policies developed in this manner. Along with these, in case of collective and/or individual dismissals or reassignments, labour regulations of the related countries and provisions stated in collective bargaining agreements are applied. It is very critical for us to embrace this approach in every stage of our value chain.

Beko acknowledges and endeavours to ensure its vision of “Respecting the World, Respected Worldwide” is practiced in all spheres of its operations. We are committed to complying with all the laws and regulations regarding equal rights and prevention of discrimination in all our value chain. It is among our objectives to provide a working environment that is compatible with human dignity and without discrimination or injustice. We undertake the responsibility to ensure a safe and healthy working environment. We never tolerate slavery and human trafficking and we expect all our business partners to act accordingly. We ensure that the working environment is devoid of discrimination and prevents child and forced labour in line with labour legislation and policies developed in this manner. We are committed to meeting our obligations under the Modern Slavery Act (2015) across the whole of our business.

In 2019 we published our revised Global Code of Conduct with the motto of “Regenerated for All” which explains how we should behave, what we should pay attention to and what behaviours we should avoid in business, in order to adapt it to Beko’s ever-growing and expanding structure. We started the implementation of our revised Global Code of Conduct in Türkiye, Europe, South Africa and Thailand. In 2020, we communicated the Global Code of Conduct and related Policies in 18 languages and completed the launch in all the countries that Beko operates. All our employees and Business Partners are expected to adopt these rules, act in line with them. Our leaders are responsible from setting examples with their attitudes by leading our employees and making business decisions in accordance with the Global Code of Conduct and related Code Policies. Revised members of the Global Ethics Committee is currently led by the CEO of the company to ensure hands on involvement of leaders and proper tone at the top.

To ensure complete compliance with the Global Code of Conduct framework Beko designed an extensive training program consist of face-to-face and online trainings covering all employees globally. The trainings’ content includes Global Code of Conduct and Related Code Policies, including combating bribery and corruption and also preventing discrimination and human rights violations. By training 19,019 employees by the half of 2022, we have now reached more than 24,000 employees regarding the Global Code of Conduct and related Policies since its first publication, which is equal to 59,4 % of our employees globally . The training covers the Global Code of Conduct and Related Policies, including the fight against bribery and corruption, as well as the prevention of human rights violations and the prevention of discrimination and harassment, responsible purchasing, and conflict of interest. We also provide training to our CEO and all our Assistant General Managers on the Global Code of Conduct and Related Policies.

With our revised Global Code of Conduct we introduced new channels such as Ethics hotline numbers for some countries, e-mail and web tool for all of our employees to inform our Legal and Compliance Department, to handle the issues of violations of our policies and values. We assure that all our whistle-blowers will be protected from retaliation and all investigations will be handled in complete confidentiality. The following reporting channels can be used to report violations or suspicious behaviour contrary to Global Code of Conduct and related Policies:



 Phone Number






 0 800-99-13-84


 0800 181-0834


 0800 1401938




 1 800 8 14726


 At the English prompt dial 844-9794-908.







 South Africa

 080 098 0498






 0850 281 61 18

 United Arab Emirates


 United Kingdom &North Ireland


 United States



 1203 2429

Our revised  Global Code of Conduct commits to comply with UN Global Compact, OECD Guidelines for Multinational Enterprises and Universal Declaration of Human Rights under all circumstances whether or not the relevant documents are accepted in countries of operation.

In 2022, the number of subsidiaries with the ethics hotline phone number increased with the addition of Egypt, France, Ireland, United Kingdom, Poland, USA, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Taiwan, UAE, Vietnam. In 2022, 137 cases were reported through ethics hotline channels. We closed all the cases and have no ongoing investigations related to the cases reported in 2022. Among the reported cases, 47 were substantiated. The total number of grievances reported and resolved on anti-corruption and bribery topics or money laundering or insider trading was zero during 2022. Due to the substantiated cases in 2022, 8 employees’ contracts were terminated. 

Within the scope industrial relations policy,  Beko respects the rights of employees to join industrial associations and unions.

Our company pays careful attention to protect the peaceful environment in the workplace by the way of conforming to the requirements of legislation and collective bargaining agreement within the framework of trust formed with employees and unions. 

We are subject to regular audits due to our membership of the Business Social Compliance Initiative (BSCI) and the Suppliers Ethical Data Exchange (SEDEX). Through BSCI, our operations are regularly audited in topics such as social management systems, employee engagement, freedom of association and collective bargaining, prevention of discrimination, fair remuneration, OHS, prevention of precarious employment, prevention of forced and child labor, environmental protection, and ethical behavior. Customer-specific audits also may be performed per request. Our supply chain department also follows an audit plan to monitor the social compliance conditions of suppliers. We plan corrective actions for nonconformities that arise as a result of the audits and check the actions taken regarding these plans in the following audits. We fulfill all requirements in each country in which we operate, in line with the local and national laws and regulations. Signed contracts comply with legislation in the countries where Beko operates and fully comply with local GDPR rules. We strictly follow, pay attention to, and commit to compliance. According to the results of BSCI and SEDEX audits, there was no finding for incidents of child labor, forced or compulsory labor in our own operations. In line with our zero-tolerance policy, we terminate our relationships with suppliers who may be involved in human rights violations.

In 2022, all our factories, including joint ventures (30/30), were subject to human rights assessments internally or by third-party audits. Thirty factories have been internally audited, and 12 have been third-party audited. We have mitigation plans for the identified risks in 30 factories, including joint ventures. Internal and third-party audits identified no major human rights issues in our operations and joint ventures. The results of internal and external audit findings are discussed in the Human Rights Committee, and corrective action plans follow the mitigation actions.

Please see the Sustainability Report for further details information on the audits findings.