We support our employees throughout their career journeys to make development a way of life.


It is a part of our company vision, global strategies and objectives to provide continuous support to all employees for their technical and behavioural betterment in professional life.

Sustainable learning and development is inherent in our company culture, and we recognize the knowledge, skills and talents of our employees, look deeper into their interests, identify areas of opportunity that will help them the most in their career journeys, and help them plan with the right tools.

As a pioneer of technological transformation, we utilise digital learning tools and a social learning platform to help our employees make development a part of their life.

Talent in you

We provide opportunities for our employees to plan their personal and career development.

  • Functional and Professional Development

    We help our employees gain competencies relevant to the future, and reinforce their existing competencies.

  • Competency Trainings

    We offer solutions that enable our employees to develop and strengthen the competencies and behavioural patterns outlined in the Beko Leadership Profile.

  • Language Skills

    We improve the language skills of our employees with classroom training, e-learning resources, and various opportunities and collaborative programs.

  • Orientation

    The orientation program for new employees covers all the bases from teamwork to innovation, digital world and finance, introduces different functions, and includes visits to plants and concept stores.

    Following the orientation programme , every new employee is assigned a "co-mate" who will guide them through the "Warm Up" process to accelerate their adaptation to our company and processes.

Leader in you

Leadership training programmes are designed to support the line of succession across our global organisation.

  1. Team Leaders

  2. Managerial Leaders

  3. Function Leaders and Above

In the path to a leadership career, the needs, required behaviour and values for success for these three stages vary considerably. Within this context, we aim to foster the development for our leaders by offering them specific programmes with a consideration for the needs for all three stages.

Future in you

This programme supports our employees in advancing to the next stage of their career journeys, and develops their potential in knowing and managing themselves, knowing others, relationship management, and knowing and managing the business.

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