We strive to open up to the world our leadership in digital transformation and integrate it with our processes.

Digital transformation is the focal point of the 4th Industrial Revolution. As a global company, we realise that production through our own technologies and competencies will elevate our competitive position. So we have created a space where our employees will experience the latest in the digital transformation of manufacturing processes.

Atölye 4.0 reveals our vision for digital transformation. We are on this journey to create flexible, smart and sustainable manufacturing systems. 

Employees from various fields of specialisation come together with universities, institutes and industrial companies in the Atölye 4.0 ecosystem to advance our level of knowledge and develop projects that support digital transformation.

The technologies experienced by our employees in Atölye 4.0 range from basic logic control to three dimensional image processing, mobile and collaborative robots, and automation systems of their own design. They write their own codes for projects in machine learning, data analytics, Internet of Things, digital twinning and augmented reality.


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