We use technology and digitalization to ensure the safest possible working environment to reach our zero occupational accident and zero occupational disease targets.

We conduct risk analyses, provide training and awareness raising programs to change behaviour, and audits to ensure that rules are followed. We manage occupational health and safety with an integrated approach, using quality and environmental management systems.

At Beko, protecting the health and safety of all our employees and subcontractors is crucial. We do not only follow safety practices in our own operations and workforce. Our management targets high OHS performance across the entire value chain. Our OHS approach integrated in our business is a role model for the geographies we operate in and is guided by the Occupational Health and Safety Policy. We guarantee to fulfil all our obligations beyond legal rules and regulations in this regard in accordance with both international commitments and the collective bargaining agreement. In order to achieve our goals, we take actions according to the Beko Occupational Health and Safety Action Plan.

OHS Training

OHS training is important to raise awareness about unsafe behaviour in working areas and to promote a common safety culture. We prioritize awareness activities in OHS. In this context, we seek to trigger behaviour change within the company with the training and drills we perform. To this end, we launched the Occupational Health and Safety Communication Management System to improve the perspective and communication language of OHS, using videos and images.

For the detailed information please refer to Employee Health and Safety part of Beko 2022 Sustainability Report.