Grundig believes that a better future for the next generations is only possible by respecting food and the planet, along with showing passion for sustainability in other areas of daily life.

Respect Food

While striving to produce high-level home appliances respecting the environment, Grundig also works to inspire people at home, through a collective purpose, to take everyday actions in pursuit of a better and more sustainable future. Knowing that what happens at home is then reflected outside on the planet, Grundig believes a better future starts at home.

Supporting its sustainability vision, Grundig organizes campaigns to raise awareness of food waste through the “Respect Food” initiative. On World Food Day in 2016, Grundig took the first step for Respect Food, a philosophy based on reducing food waste. Grundig’s dedication to reducing food waste has since expanded globally.

Through its brand narrative, It Starts At Home launched in 2019, Grundig takes steps to increase awareness on food waste with focus on Respect Food, and develop sustainable innovations to Respect Planet.

Food for Soul

Focusing on the SDGs, Grundig has been collaborating with Food for Soul, a non-governmental organization, since 2016, to prevent food waste. As part of the Food for Soul movement, which was founded by chef Massimo Bottura, the organization has established Refettorios – restaurants that cook healthy and nutritious meals from food surplus to help people in need.

For the detailed information about projects combating food waste in 2022, please check the Tackling Food Waste section of Beko 2022 Sustainability Report.