As our world becomes more digitized and connected, we at Beko, develop smart solutions that make life easier and benefit all stakeholders, from customers to the environment.

Beko’s innovative product portfolio ranges from intercommunicating smart home systems to products with a more positive impact on the environment, producing innovative and smart solutions for a new, more connected world. We offer an ecosystem that automatically updates and refreshes with innovative features and practical solutions for users, such as remote controls, software updates, program downloads, and instant notifications to connected appliances.

HomeWhiz Mobile Application

The HomeWhiz mobile application and platform in particular makes controlling and monitoring easy for our consumer by offering a smart home experience from anywhere. The platform simplifies our customers’ lives by providing accessible smart solutions via a single interface, and they can download individual programs according to their needs.

HomeWhiz Collaborations

We are collaborating with Amazon DRS and Finish 365 on a project that will enable HomeWhiz to determine the detergent purchasing cycle with its smart order feature. This will support energy and water savings by reducing unnecessary consumption, solving technical problems with smart assistance.

Energy Management In Hvac With HomeWhiz

We also offer an environmentally friendly energy consumption solution for air conditioners via HomeWhiz. Effective data collection from the application offers smart suggestions to consumers, enabling energy consumption monitoring and promoting more efficient energy usage.

Smart Home Gadgets And HomeWhiz Rules Sets

To prevent unnecessary energy consumption, we designed a fully automated, energy-saving system that can be created for smart home appliances and white goods via HomeWhiz. HomeWhiz can determine home appliances’ working periods from the information and user habit data it collects. This enables it to make smart decisions, such as turning off an air conditioner automatically if a window is opened or switching off smart bulbs if motion sensors detect there is no-one at home. HomeWhiz also measures the temperature and humidity via sensors, and the ambient temperature can be viewed and changed remotely via the App.