Remembering the 6th of February...

On February 6th, 2023, our country was struck by a major disaster impacting 11 of our provinces. In the aftermath, thousands of our citizens tragically lost their lives, families, and homes. We united to overcome this profound sorrow. As we commemorate the lives of those we lost, I extend my deepest condolences to all the citizens who have suffered losses. In solidarity with those grieving, I offer my heartfelt condolences once again.

Today holds more significance than mere remembrance for us... Since February 6th, our colleagues, dealers, business partners, and the entire Arçelik ecosystem have extended a helping hand to the earthquake-affected areas. With our 717 dedicated volunteers, we lead projects in the Umut Kent communities. Under Koç Group's leadership, we provide shelter for 20,000 people with 5,500 container homes. Our endeavors transcend mere provision of basic needs; we meticulously design living spaces in Umut Kent. Through educational, library, and nursery initiatives, we nurture children's development and empower women through workshop opportunities, fostering economic support. Furthermore, our Call Center operations in Hatay and Malatya continue to bolster employment while upholding our pledge to support non-governmental organizations. In collaboration with Malatya İnönü University, we facilitate housing support for healthcare professionals.

We recognize that what has been lost cannot be recovered, it is evident that the region still requires support to rebuild. I extend my deepest gratitude to all my colleagues who have contributed to bringing these initiatives to life, with special recognition to our volunteers, whom we hold in the highest regard and take immense pride in.

However, it's important to mark this day as a reminder of the possibility to take precautions and reduce risks that can be difficult to overcome. By increasing our understanding of earthquakes and imparting this awareness to our children, we can protect ourselves and our loved ones.

In the last century, our nation has weathered 16 earthquakes with a magnitude of 7 or higher. As a nation bearing the weight of this reality, we can fortify our cities, minimizing losses across the entire ecosystem and safeguarding individuals. Through science and innovation-based solutions and proactive measures, we can be more prepared for future disasters.

By honoring February 6th in our collective memory, we will work together to rebuild life in the region, bound by solidarity, and mark this day as a reminder to promote awareness and take action.


Hakan Bulgurlu CEO