Our Purpose

Our purpose defines the fundamental impact we want to make in the world. It represents something much bigger than each of us.

It is our common cause: the thing that defines why we exist and unites us in a shared ambition for the future.

Our purpose makes progress in society and our business growth one and the same; and creates decades of stretch for us to strive towards.

Everyone will live our Purpose in their own way.

But by striving towards it together, we can succeed as a business by being part of amazing lives and accelerating the transition to the sustainable home – the cornerstone our strategy for growth.

Inspire Sustainable Lives In Every Home

Our purpose captures the role we play in the lives of others, which creates growth and positive impact for society.

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For over six decades, we have shown what can be achieved when we inspire each other to do amazing things.

Through creativity and passion, we have changed the game to grow from humble origins to global success story.

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Sustainable Lives

Beko has always been a family, where people are authentic, care for each other, and strive to do the right thing. Now, we are the leading force in our market that is accelerating the transition to sustainable living.

For our employees, Beko is the best place to make an extraordinary difference for communities and the world.

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In Every

We want to achieve an impact on a truly global scale, democratising access to sustainable lifestyles worldwide - not just through our actions but by inspiring others. We are deeply ambitious for our global growth as a business, making our products more accessible and our purpose reflects this: there are no 'no go' areas for Beko.

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This is where our heart is. It is where we focus as a business as we serve the digital home. But 'home' it also speaks to something even more ambitious. For us, our planet is home. Our communities are home. By striving to achieve our Purpose, we create a positive impact on all of these.